Do you feel like your life or your career is on hold because of stress or anxiety?

I can teach you how to manage stress effectively so you can be at your best in work, then relax and enjoy the life you want.

Effective stress management is founded on a set of skills & resources: maintaining calm, clear focus, letting go of disturbing emotions and agitation, accessing energy, motivation and positivity.

This is the skill-set of stress resilience. Here's the thing: these skills can be learned and developed. What you need is a way to train them, using the right tools. That's what my stress resilience with biofeedback programme offers.

Because the programme offers online video teaching and rental of cutting-edge biofeedback technology for home use, I can help stress, anxiety and panic cases across the UK.

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How Stress Resilience Training Works

How we think, feel and act is reflected in our body physiology - and vice versa. Stress resilience is the ability to quickly and easily recover from (but not avoid!) body changes associated with stress and anxiety. The foundation of resilience is a set of mind-body skills:

  • Awareness of mind-body processes and how they operate
  • Ability to guide your body physiology towards more resourceful states
  • Avoiding the trap of inappropriate and unhelpful efforts to control stress that actually make things worse.

Biofeedback works by measuring stress-related changes in real time, creating a basis for learning. In combination with mindfulness, it's an ideal tool for training and developing the stress resilience skill-set.

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Who Stress Resilience Training Helps

I work with anyone who wants to feel more in control of their mind (thoughts, emotions, focus etc.) or who wants their brain to perform better.

Typical issues I help client with are:

  • Anxiety & panic (inc. social anxiety)
  • Anger, irritability & emotional instability
  • Fatigue, low motivation & low mood
  • Brain fog - poor focus & concentration
  • Stress-related health problems e.g. IBS, headaches, insomnia.

Biofeedback isn't a magic bullet that will make these problems go away - rather it's a tool for learning how to handle them better.

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Introducing the Stress Resilient Mind Programme

I developed the Stress Resilient Mind Programme to make biofeedback both accessible & effective for people working with stress & anxiety across the UK. The programme consists of:

  • Rental of sophisticated biofeedback devices for home use.
  • An online video-based course, designed to give you the key information, ideas and practices to make working with biofeedback a success, and based on learning the skills of optimal breathing
  • Coaching: one to one time to make sure the process addresses your individual issues - either in person in my office (where possible) or by telephone or skype.

Optimal Breathing & Why It Matters In Stress & Anxiety Management

Breathing both reflects and is reflected in our emotional state. Dysregulated breathing, or more specifically over-breathing, is both common and largely unrecognized in stress cases, yet it causes significant impairment of brain performance.

Most of my clients think they don't over-breathe until we actually measure it.

That's why optimal breathing training with biofeedback is at the heart of the Stress Resilient Mind Programme - it's a foundational skill for building emotional resilience and optimal performance.



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  • Emotional well-being
  • Optimal brain performance

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What My Clients Say

"I found biofeedback invaluable in treating my anxiety ... the strategies have helped me by far the most"

"Working with biofeedback has helped me dramatically reduce the severity of mood swings"

"The biggest improvement has been to my ability to focus and concentrate at work"

"The difference has been out of proportion to anything I would have expected"

"I now sleep like a log, the pains in my body have vanished"

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About Glyn Blackett, Stress & Anxiety Management Coach

As a student (of Natural Sciences at Cambridge University) I suffered with social anxiety. I learned mindfulness meditation but found my mind highly distractable. About ten years on, I knew mindfulness wasn't really working for me, so I began to investigate how science and technology could help me. That's when I first encountered biofeedback and neurofeedback.

Biofeedback helped me to calm my agitated mind, and sharpen my focus and clarity. I learned to let go of negative emotions and create the basis for positivity to arise. I was so impressed I decided to make a career of biofeedback, and it's been my passion ever since. My aim is to make high quality biofeedback available to as many people as possible, to help them overcome problems such as anxiety, stress, low mood and brain fog.

To find out more about how I can help you, please contact me to arrange a free introductory consultation - either in person or by telephone or skype.

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mind body intelligence book

With over ten years' professional experience of biofeedback, Glyn is a pioneer. He is author of the ebook, " Mind-Body Intelligence: How to manage your mind with biofeedback and mindfulness ".

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Biofeedback & Neurofeedback Software

On a personal level my interest in biofeedback has always been in supporting my mindfulness meditation practice. Not finding any existing products that met my needs, I developed my own software for biofeedback & neurofeedback. More than ten years later the result is a product that I use in both my professional coaching practice, and at home personally. The software, "Mind-Body Training Tools", is also used by my clients following the Stress Resilience With Biofeedback Training programme, and also by other professional biofeedback and neurofeedback practitioners around the world.

The software has modules for different biofeedback & neurofeedback parameters including:

  • HRV (or heart coherence) biofeedback
  • Capnometry, for breathing biofeedback
  • EMG (muscle tension) and other peripheral biofeedback parameters
  • EEG neurofeedback - including an easy-to-use 1-4 channel assessment tool
  • HEG neurofeedback
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