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Mind-Body Training Tools - Peripheral Biofeedback Module

The peripheral biofeedback module includes several applications:

  • Basic EMG (muscle tension) - one channel of EMG biofeedback
  • EMG With Breathing - monitors both muscle tension and breathing. Innovative measures designed to highlight different styles of breathing (chest-based vs. abdominal).
  • EMG 2 Channel" - useful e.g. for looking at left / right balance.
  • Galvanic Skin Response (GSR)
  • Skin Temperature
  • EMG, GSR & Skin Temperature - combines 3 parameters in one app.
  • Basic Breathing - monitors breathing accurately and reliably via temperature of breathed air. Calculates breathing rate and inhalation to exhalation ratio.

All the above applications include tone, midi and threshold-based audio feedback options designed to support mindfulness practice.


Basic EMG Application User Guide

EMG with Breathing Application User Guide

EMG 2 Channel Application User Guide

GSR Application User Guide

Skin Temperature Application User Guide

Basic Breathing Application User Guide

EMG, GSR & Skin Temperature Application User Guide

EMG with Breathing application session sample report

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