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Mind-Body Training Tools - HEG Neurofeedback Module

HEG neurofeedback is an accessible means of training the "muscle" of the Prefrontal Cortex for improved executive function: better focus, concentration, short term memory and emotional resilience.

HEG applications design features:

  • Feedback of rate of change - increasing and decreasing signal.
  • Training periods - within-session shorter timed periods, allowing trainee to rest in between. Session reports can show clearly the effect of training (see graphic - training periods are yellow bands).

The Hemoencephalography (HEG) module contains the following applications:


  • Includes some simple audio feedback options - tone, midi and threshold-based.
  • Tone and midi feedback have auto-rescale feature - when the pitch drifts too high or low, it is reset to the middle of the range.


  • Speed mode - video moves forward at a rate proportional to the signal's rate of change. When the signal drops, the video can either pause or optionally move backward. Designed for use with "flight" videos.
  • Brightness mode - video dims when the HEG signal falls. Trainee must increase the signal to return to normal brightness.


  • Threshold-based feedback, using HEG signal rate of change.
  • DVD can be paused when signal drops (movable threshold)
  • Audio feedback option - white noise interference is played when the HEG signal drops.


  • Designed for use with audio books.
  • White noise interference is played when the HEG signal drops.

HEG With Breathing

  • Monitors both HEG and breathing.
  • Audio feedback options: breathing tone, midi and threshold based.
  • Designed for use in mindfulness practice - audio feedback warns when trainee drifts out of desired mind-body zone.


Introduction to HEG Neurofeedback Video

HEG Application User Guide

HEG with Breathing Application User Guide

HEG application session sample report

HEG with Breathing application session sample report

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