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Mind-Body Training Tools - Group Capnometry Module

A capnometer measures carbon dioxide in the breath and thus can detect (degree of) over-breathing - arguably the most significant stress related physiological indicator of all, since it strongly influences oxygen delivery to brain cells.

This application offers similar functionality to the Basic Capnometry Application but is designed for use in a group training context. Up to eight users, each with their own capnometer, can link to the application.

group capnometry biofeedback software

The group capnography application is designed for use by professional therapists, coaches and mindfulness teachers.

Resources - User Guides

Group Capnometry application user guide

Basic Capnometry application user guide

Resources - Sample Session Report

There is no sample report for the group capnometry application but it follows a similar pattern to the Basic Capnometry application, but having up to eight users.

Basic Capnometry application sample session report

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