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Mind-Body Training Tools - EEG Neurofeedback Training

The EEG Neurofeedback Training module is designed to make what is undeniably a comlex process as easy, flexible and intuitive as possible.

As a neurofeedback practitioner:

  • You'll select a training protocol - i.e. decide what EEG parameter to train, and where on the head (e.g. theta amplitude down at the front of the head).
  • You may wish to try out different protocols, or switch protocols later in the training process.
  • You might decide to present feedback in different ways depending on your choice of protocol - e.g. audio or visual, points-based or proportional / continuously varying.
  • Finally you'll want to track what happens to the EEG over the course of training - both within a session and over the longer term.

The Mind-Body Training Tools EEG training module is built around these key decisions and process structure.

EEG neurofeedback chart

Key Software Features

  • Select, create, edit and save protocols
  • Choose from predefined protocols or create your own. Preset protocols include:
    • "Focus" - train SMR up
    • "Relax" - train alpha up
    • "Sharp" - broad band squash protocol
    • "Peak performance" - train alpha coherence up
    • Train 2 bands - windowed squash
    • Train ratios e.g. theta:beta or fast alpha: slow alpha
    • Alpha asymmetry
    • Alpha-theta training ("deep states")
    • Two-phase optimal performance training.
  • Train using 1, 2 or 4 channels (multiple channels are averaged into one feedback parameter)
  • In addition to the main feedback parameter you can add one or two inhibits
  • Save named protocols so you can keep threshold levels between sessions if you prefer
  • If you're a professional practitioner you can create named clients and store and manage their data
  • Trainer can divide training into blocks of variable lengths e.g. 3 minutes or 20 minutes - the dark blue band in the above graphic represents one training period
  • Reports: session reports and protocol reports showing progress over the longer term
  • Reports in html format so can be emailed to clients.

Feedback Screens

  • Select feedback screens independently of protocol
  • Both discrete (points-based) and continuous (proportional) feedback options available
  • Audio & visual feedback options
  • Video & DVD feedback available via third-party product, "BxShadowEra"

More About The Product

Like other Mind-Body Training Tools modules, the EEG Neurofeedback module is based on BioEra, so can in principle work with any amplifier or device supported by BioEra.

Your choice of protocol may be guided by another MBTT product, the EEG assessment module.

I designed the EEG training software to be intuitive but flexible, giving you full control over the decision process. Consequently lots of controls are available, enabling the user to set such things as length of averaging and length of refractory period after scoring a point. However you can still get up and running quickly by using the default settings.


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