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Mind-Body Training Tools Biofeedback & Neurofeedback Software - Trial Version

Mind-Body Training Tools is a biofeedback software product for both professionals (coaches and therapists) and dedicated home users offering a suite of state-of-the-art applications, across a range of biofeedback and neurofeedback modalities, including HRV, breathing (capnometry), EMG (muscle tension), HEG and EEG. The applications were developed using the industry-leading BioEra visual designer for biofeedback, meaning that they work with a range of biofeedback devices.

Limitations: the applications will stop running after (at most) 90 seconds. Otherwise the software is identical to the full version.


Download Mind-Body Training Tools Trial Version

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This download is a zip (compressed) file. When the download is complete, unzip it into a temporary location on your computer. I suggest you create a new folder for the unzipped contents.


Download BioEra

Download BioEra trial version - DON'T RUN this executable file straight away. Instead, SAVE it to the same location as you unzipped to in step 1.

IF YOU ALREADY HAVE BIOERA please ignore this step.

Download BioEra Trial Version


Run Installation

To install the software, run the script (.bat file) called "mbtt_trial_installation" (this is part of the unzipped contents from step 1). If you already have  BioEra installed, the script will not attempt to install BioEra trial version - however if you don't, the script will not work unless the BioEra trial version download is present in the same folder (step 2 above).

Read the "Installation and Set-up Guide" (a pdf file, also in the unzipped contents from step 1) for a fuller description of the installation process.



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