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Free Mini-Course in Breathing Well for Stress Relief, Emotional Wellbeing & Optimal Performance

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Breathing responds to stress - often imperceptibly, but in a way that leaves us more prone to anxiety, irritability, fatigue and more.

Conversely, when done properly breathing can be a way of effectively relaxing, and setting up the conditions for calm, clear focus, abundant energy & motivation, and emotional positivity.

But too often, breathing is taught or practised in a way that misses the real benefits, and can even lead to you feeling worse, not better.

I've created a series of five short videos (average length 8 mins) delivered to you by email, that show you:

  • how stress and poor breathing adversely affect brain performance
  • the #1 breathing mistake that leaves you feeling worse not better
  • the difference between "good" stress and harmful stress, and how to transform them
  • three key components of healthy breathing
  • heart coherence, its benefits, and how to access it through slow, regular breathing.

Free Breath Pacer Software Tool

In addition, when you sign up you'll get access to a free software tool to help you with slow regular breathing for heart coherence - it generates both a sound and a bar graph that you can use to pace your breathing.


Breathing Well for Stress Management

A series of 5 short videos delivered by email

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