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Neurofeedback Training in the UK

Publication date: 06 March 2012

On behalf of my colleagues Antonio Martins-Mourao, PhD, FHEA and Tony Steffert, BSc., MA. I'd like to announce a workshop offering training in neurofeedback to health professionals, educators etc. to be held under the auspices of the Open University at their London campus. For details follow this link:

Neurofeedback Workshop - Open University - London March 2012

I'm delighted to see it happening because I think that the Open University's QEEG and Brain Research Laboratory's commitment to neurofeedback represents a significant boost to the credibility of neurofeedback in the UK.

Neurofeedback research dates back to the 1960's, since when lots of (admittedly small-scale) research studies have backed its efficacy. That's why Professor Frank Duffy, a neurologist at Harvard Medical School,  made this statement in a major scientific journal in 2000: "In my opinion, if any medication had demonstrated such a wide spectrum of efficacy it would be universally accepted and widely used".

More than ten years on neurofeedback is still not widely used, especially in the UK where we seem to lag behind the leading countries like the USA and the Netherlands.

In my experience most doctors haven't heard of neurofeedback, let alone their patients. Their typical response seems to be, if there were anything in it, they would already know about it.

I fear neurofeedback and neurotherapy are perceived as "alternative" therapies, which is a real shame because, while their history isn't exactly unblemished they are essentially scientific disciplines.

Good luck to the Open University and others in rolling back the prejudices.

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