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Neurofeedback in the News

Publication date: 21 April 2013

Recent months have seen an increased awareness of neurofeedback here in the UK, thanks mainly to a couple of neurofeedback articles appearing in national newspapers.

First came this Sunday Times article on neurofeedback. Then later this Daily Mail piece on neurofeedback. The common factor is the Brainworks neurofeedback practice in London, so well done to them for their good work (the articles show they're doing a good job).

It's great to see a raised profile for neurofeedback - it deserves it. Neurofeedback is reasonably well established in some countries, such as the United States and the Netherlands. There is an abundance of scientific studies supporting its efficacy (albeit no large scale studies). Why not the UK?

My guess is that it's down to lack of interest from the mainstream mental health professions - psychiatry and clinical psychology etc. I think this lack of interest is in turn attributable to the dominance of the NHS in the UK health sector, where there has been limited scope (and incentive) for innovation. In practice a commitment to evidence based medicine may sink to an unimaginative conservatism.

The Government's health reforms will apparently make innovation a legal duty of health care trusts including mental health trusts. Let's hope they've been reading the papers.

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